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Bagdad Roller Mills is a full service animal feed manufacturing facility. Bagdad Roller Mills was started 129 years ago, the same year Hillerich and Bradsby produced the first “Louisville Slugger” baseball bat.

Originally set up to mill grains into flour, the Bagdad Roller Mills began to focus on animal feed production in the ‘50’s. Dairy farms dominated the region for many years the mill predominately produced large quantities of feed for these farms. Eventually  dairy farms gave way to beef, and beef feed, chicken feed, and horse feed gained importance for the mill. Currently, Bagdad Roller Mills manufactures feeds for just about all species as well as carrying a full line of pet food.

Bagdad Roller Mills has the capacity to pellet feeds, a capability that sets it apart from many feed producing facilities in the region. Additionally, we can deliver large or small quantities of feed, both bagged and bulk.

Because of the mills proximity to the central KY bluegrass region, horse feed has become a significant portion of our business.

Bagdad Roller Mills Inc All feeds are made using only non-GMO corn, and, as a grain elevator, Bagdad Roller Mills supplies ingredients to other local feed manufacturers. We stock an exceptionally large list of ingredients, mineral and vitamin supplements, and premixes which makes custom formulation an important part of our business.

Providing excellent service to our customers for over 129 years is a proud tradition for Bagdad Roller Mills.

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